Ace Metrix Reveals Top Creative from Q1

Microsoft, Tecate, and Verizon rank first in lists for Breakthrough,
Humor and Storytelling

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Today Ace Metrix, the leader in measuring the impact of video
advertising, released its lists of 2019 Q1’s top ads based on
Breakthrough, humor and storytelling. The Breakthrough list is derived
from a combination of Attention and Likeability components, whereas the
other lists originate from two of the 57 emotional metrics Ace Metrix
quantifies: Humor and Narrative.

The methodology for emotional measurement is based on Natural Language
Processing and machine learning analysis of hundreds of viewer reactions
to every ad – in their own words. The strength of each of the 57
emotions is evaluated relative to all other ads in the Ace Metrix
database, totaling over ten million verbatims, to determine whether an
ad is hitting it out of the park or missing the mark.

Top Breakthrough Ads of Q1, 2019:

With over 1,900 ads tested in Q1, the top ten represent the ads with the
most powerful Breakthrough ability. Microsoft’s Super Bowl 53 spot, “We
All Win,” ranks as the top Breakthrough ad. The creative fostered an
emotional connection with viewers while also communicating information
about a problem that was seen as new to many.

Verizon’s emotionally packed spot, “First Responders – Coach :90,”
placed second, and a recut of Amazon’s Super Bowl spot “My Order” took
third place. Also one of the funniest ads in Q1, Harrison Ford’s star
power, which contributed to the Characters being selected as the Single
Best Thing by 36% of viewers, entertained viewers in Amazon’s creative
and boosted the ad’s Breakthrough power.

Sherwin-Williams brought color to life with an animated, striking
display of paint chips in “Hide and Seek.” The immersive illustration of
the product sparked Desire in viewers, with 57% reporting positive
purchase intent. Rounding out the top five is Gillette’s controversial
ad, “We Believe: The Best Men Can Be.” As Ace
Metrix data revealed
when it first aired, the social media backlash
represented a small minority of overall opinions.

Rank     Brand       Ad Title       Length      






1     Microsoft      

All Win

      1:00       798       789
2     Verizon      

Responders – Coach :90

      1:30       785       790
3     Amazon Echo      


      0:30       771       794
4     Sherwin-Williams      

and Seek

      0:30       780       771
5     Gillette      

Believe: The Best Men Can Be

      1:50       783       740
6     Budweiser      

Never Felt Better

      1:00       767       741
7     Holland America Line      


      0:30       759       748
8     Walmart      


      0:30       777       727
9     Pepsi      


      1:00       767       733
10     NFL      

100 Year Game

      2:00       762       732

Funniest Ads of Q1, 2019:

Humor is found in 25% of the ads in the Ace Metrix database, but less
than 1% evoke the level achieved by Q1’s funniest ads.

Each stirred up a combination of funny, quirky, and unconventional
emotions among viewers, signaling more offbeat humor was used. All five
were seen as entertaining, scoring strongest on the Attention and
Likeability components, followed by Watchability. The Characters were
the source of comedic delivery in all the ads and were identified as the
Single Best Thing about each save for Snickers, where the Product Itself
stood out the most to viewers.

Rank     Brand           Ad Title           Length
1     Tecate          

Boldest Six Pack of All

2     Amazon          


3     Snickers          


4     Geico          


5     Bubly          

I Have a Bublé?


Best Storytelling Ads of Q1, 2019:

The power of the story, measured by the Narrative emo, is present in 13%
of ads in the Ace Metrix database, but the following ads achieved a
standard of storytelling that is on par with less than 1% of all ads.
Storytelling among these top ads coexists with other emotional measures,
including Heartfelt, Inspiring and Powerful. These feel-good sentiments
lent towards positive gap-to-norm Likeability scores for each of the ads.

Second-by-second trace revealed engagement levels built throughout most
of the ads, with some dips and spikes synced with each story arc.
Shelter Pet Adoption and Ad Council’s “Tommy” saw the strongest uptick
in engagement from the start that put the creative’s resonance above all
the others.

The Message that’s unveiled within each ad’s storytelling was identified
as the top Single Best Thing for five of the ads. However, for Purina
Pro Plan’s “Best Nutrition” the Message took a backseat to the story’s
Characters, most notably the Bichon Frise, and the Visual Scenes.

Rank     Brand           Ad Title           Length
1     Verizon          

Coach Who Wouldn’t Be Here

2     Jim Beam          

Right: Celebration

3     State Farm          

True Story

4     Principal Financial          

The Dream

5     Shelter Pet Adoption & Ad Council          


6     Purina Pro Plan          



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